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Wine tourism in Andorra

Are you one of those people who like to enjoy a glass of good wine, in good company

24 September 2019
and with a good conversation? So, this post is perfect for you. Today we will discover together the great variety of wine cellars and wines that these Pyrenean lands offer us. So ... Let’s start with the wine tourism route through Andorra!

The luxury of being able to stay in a hotel with a wine cellar

If you want to have the best wineries very near, the most comfortable option for you is staying in a hotel with a cellar. Our proposal could not be other than our hotel, the Hotel-Spa Grau Roig.

In one of the exclusive restaurants of our hotel, The Theater of Wine, you can carry out a wine tasting in the purest sommelier style. Also, we offer them together with exquisite delicacies that match perfectly with each of the sensations that each wine gives off.

Can you imagine yourself enjoying a good red wine accompanied by hunt meat, foie or other seasonal specialties that we offer at the Grau Roig hotel? Then, do not think about it anymore and make a reservation at this luxurious hotel with a spa that will undoubtedly leave you speechless.

Discover the best selection of “Denomination of Origin” wines from our lands and the rest of the world. In The Theater of Wine, you will have the possibility to try a tasting menu with wine pairing that will transport you to a world of sensations.

Also, you can meet a person who will teach you everything you need to know about wine. In the Hotel Grau Roig, we have a renowned sommelier. Patrick Austry was a semifinalist at the 2003 Trophee Ruinat and his wine selection is simply perfect.

Our wines

Did you know that in the principality we have our exquisite wines that are very well considered and have won several awards? We have 4 very small wineries but with great quality. 

The first to be born was Casa Beal, in Sant Julià de Lória. Since 1984 it has been adapting its harvest to the weather conditions to offer us the famous Cim del Cel, the first Andorran wine.

Another of the wineries that pride Andorran people for their excellent wine is Borda Sabaté. This winery is responsible for preparing the Escol with Riesling and the Torb and stands out for taking care of its vineyards with its own hands.

Casa Auvinya is one of the youngest wineries (of 2005). Its charm emanates from sustainable production processes and collects and always respecting the environment. Also, they were the first ones to make red wine with Pinot Noir and Syrah.

The fourth winery we want to talk about has a lovely story behind it. Celler Mas Berenger is a country house from the year 902 that has been passed from generation to generation until 1714. In 2011, the wine was made in it and today it is famous for its Chardonnay Tancat de Rocafort. Without a doubt, a perfect place to stop on your wine tourism route in Andorra.

The most select wine bars in Andorra

Lover of good wine, if you spend a few days in our mountainous lands in search of wines with soul and character, you will be right in your decision. And we have a selection of wine bars that delight anyone. Take note because we are going to mention some of them to add to your route.

We begin our wine adventure in Andorra la Vella visiting L’Excellence. We are in front of the famous wine cellar of Pedro Soley, where we can find from historical vintages to the most exquisite Bordeaux or Châteaus. In its tasting, we can taste wines from all over the world.

The restaurant has that select and sybarite air that you like so much, ideal to appreciate every nuance that your wines give us. Also, it offers us the possibility of pairing them with a kitchen that meets your expectations.

Another of our star recommendations is La Cúpula, also located in Andorra la Vella. Here it is not possible to drink some wine without its ideal dish and they offer it to us. Let yourself be carried away by the delicious flavor of its famous murgas stuffed with foie paired with a Fransola. Wake up your five senses with the cod with spinach bed and goat cheese cream while you take a sip of a rosé Enate Somontano. And, as nobody here is left without dessert, La Cúpula offers us exquisite fruit brochettes flambéed with red curasao and passion fruit foam accompanied by a Freixenet Malvasia.

But, if you are one of those who prefer to appreciate a good Spanish or French wine,then your best choice will be El Rusc Winery Restaurant. You will find it on the Arinsal road, next to the Massana Parish. And since we talk about its magnificent restaurant, we recommend you order the lobster salad and the grilled foie gras with vanilla vinaigrette, and for dessert a white chocolate soup with yogurt and basil. Exquisite!

Take the best wine home

If there is a perfect way to end hoist your wine tourism route in Andorra, it is taking home your favorite wines. After the visits to the wineries and the tastings, you will have become an expert sommelier, so you will be very able to choose the best wines to enjoy when you return from your holidays.

But, where can we find these wines? In the best gourmet stores in Andorra, of course.

In Escaldes-Engordany we have Ca Marquet and Cava Bonito. In Ordino, we will find 5 Senses, a place with its charm.

And after all this information, do you already have your wine tourism route through Andorra ready? Then, the time you were waiting for has arrived. The moment to enjoy the most exquisite flavors of our land and taste them with the best views of the mountains.

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