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A Relaxing Day at the Spa in Caldea, Andorra

Think about it. You spend a few days in Andorra, with family or friends.

19 February 2020
The first days you enjoy the snowy mountains, skiing from early morning to take benefit of the best snow.

And, at night, you try the typical Andorran dishes in one of its most mythical restaurants, after having spent an afternoon shopping in the city. But, after some days without stopping, your body asks for a break. And you think: what better plan for a relaxing day than visiting the Caldea spa?

Caldea Spa

It is the largest thermo-ludic center in Europe and you will find it in Escaldes-Engordany, one of the areas with the most natural and touristic charm in Andorra.

Since you enter it, you get surprised by its breadth, its extension and the number of swimming pools and different relaxation areas it has. As you go into the spa, you discover not only the hydromassage pools but also the therapeutic massage areas, sauna, hammam, fitness area … It has an offer for all tastes and audiences.

One of the things that most attracts attention to everyone who spends a day in Caldea is the outer lagoon, especially in winter when it is all snowy. Its waters are at 32ºC, so you can imagine the amazing sensation it feels to take a bath in an outdoor pool at that temperature while it is snowing outside at -10ºC.

Inside, the spa has a special relaxation area with two spas.

1- Spa Inúu: Only accessible for adults, since what is sought is a space of absolute relaxation and total disconnection. Its lagoons (interior and exterior) of hot springs stand out for their waterfalls, swan necks where you can enjoy some water jets on your shoulders and the jacuzzi. Also, you can access a gym, a specific treatment booth area and a space with heated sun loungers. Without a doubt, a unique place to forget about the world, work, problems, and everyday stress. 

2- Spa Orígens: An area designed for well-being at its best. The Hamman and sauna are some of the quietest places in the entire spa and the ideal place to disconnect. On the other hand, its thermal baths (Aztec bath and grapefruit bath among others) and outdoor hot tubs are the visitors’ favorites. Who said “worries”? That word does not exist since you cross the doors of Caldea. 

An Ideal Spa for the Whole Family

Traveling with children does not have to be synonymous with “not stopping” or “not resting”. Quite the contrary. Caldea offers you a perfect area for the little ones in the house to enjoy, and you do too. How? Thanks to its special spa offer for all audiences.

1- Thermoludic Spa: Entering here you will find the largest spa area in the entire Caldea spa. What most attracts the attention of its visitors is the large inland lagoon, with the thermal water at a perfect temperature (between 32ºC and 34ºC). It also has an outdoor pool, where you can enjoy incredible views of the mountain while bathing in the warm water. A very nice feeling. Finally, it has Indo-Roman baths, an Icelandic bath, a Sirocco bath, a Hamman and a sauna. As you can see, there is no room for boredom in Caldea, just for relaxation. 

2- Likids: If you travel with children between 3 and 8 years old, Caldea has what will become your favorite area of ​​the spa. Likids has an area of ​​activities with expert monitors in well-being in children. They can also bathe in hot tubs, do workshops or even enjoy aimed shows exclusively at them. 

Massages in Caldea

As you are seeing, Caldea has an incredible offer of relaxing treatments for all public, tastes, and needs. Another of the services it has, and in addition to the most sought after, are the massages. And is there anything more relaxing than a four-hand massage or a Doiji massage?

I know what you are thinking, you are already crazy about coming to Andorra to enjoy a few days of mountain and relaxation, right?

Eating in Caldea

If you plan to spend the day at the spa, you do not need to leave it at midday to eat, as it has a catering service suitable for all tastes. Discover the Andorran cuisine and the most typical dishes of the area without leaving Caldea and enjoy incredible prices in all its menus.

Where to sleep in Andorra

And, if you want to complete a luxury and comfort getaway with exclusive accommodation, my recommendation cannot be other than the Hotel Grau Roig.It is located half an hour’s drive from Caldea, so you can spend a pleasant day at the spa without having to drive in excessive.

This exclusive hotel is ideal for those who need to disconnect, get lost in the immense Andorran mountain landscape and enjoy unique views of nature. The hotel Grau Roig and Caldea are, without any doubt, the perfect combination of luxury and relaxation that you are looking for. 

Visit Andorra and enjoy the Caldea spa

Yes, you have earned it, because you have been working hard all year, going to boring meetings and doing overtime to finish projects that “have to be done right now.” In Andorra, we will make you forget all that stress and make you enjoy some incredible days.

Besides, as you have already discovered, who does not relax in Caldea is because he doesn’t want to. Its infinity pools, its exclusive relaxation and massage areas and its wide range of treatments make this spa one of the most complete and sought-after in Europe. So think no more, pack your bags, book a room at the Hotel Grau Roig, and enjoy the trip you deserve.

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