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Walking Excursions and Hiking Routes in Andorra

A privileged country. Andorra, full of natural parks

24 September 2019
and located in the middle of the Pyrenees is the favorite place of nature lovers and outside activities.This beautiful place presumes of the many hiking routes and walking excursions it offers to its visitants.

Do you want to know the different alternatives that you can find in Andorra? So, keep on reading and take notes, because I can assure you that you will want to do all of them.

Excursions of Low Difficulty Grade

If you are beginning in the fantastic hiking world or you want to do a route with your family where the youngest can have lots of fun, these routes will be perfect for you. They are easy to do with a lovely path and you can complete them in a few more than 2 hours.

  1.  Rec del Solà Path (Escaldes – Engordany – Andorra la Vella): This route has a length of 4 kilometers without slopes, that’s why is so easy to take. It goes by an antique watering canal built in 1880 and has different stops where you can have a break in benches and viewpoints with city views.
  2. Iron Route Path (Ordino): This valley is named by the number of iron mines that were there. One of the most curious things to see along the route is the large statues of stone and metal that you can find during the track.

    The total distance of the way is 5 kilometers approximately, with a slope of 100 meters which makes it simple and able for every public and ages. At the end of the path, in La Cortinada, there is a little church but with a huge enchant that I recommend you visit.

  3. Gall’s Path (Canillo – Soldeu): This route has a distance of 7 km from Canillo’s church until Soldeu’s ski stationary. Although the slope is a little higher than the other routes, it doesn’t exceed the 200 meters which turns it into an amazing place where you can enjoy the nature of the valley.

Walking Excursions of Medium Difficulty.

It gets more and more interesting. Have you already done one of the easiest routes and you expected a little more difficult?So, keep calm because you are going to need energy. There we go!

  1. Tristainan Lakes (Arcalís): It takes almost 3 hours of duration, which is one of the most spectacular excursions. The view of the lakes once you arrive at the cirque is just unbelievable. Also, you can take the chair lift to get to the top and see a better view from its height.

    But if you are thinking about choosing this route, you should know that it is only open from June to October. The rest of the year is completely snowed, and its lakes are frozen so only expert skiers can enjoy this wonderful landscape during the winter.

  2. Incles Valley and Juclar Lakes (Canillo – Soldeu): The flora and fauna typical of Andorra are joint in this incredible place to leave us breathless. This is one of the longest routes, but it has little warming mountain shelters at the end of the path to spend the night.

    You can walk beside streams, walk through wood or stone bridges and rest in one of the several benches while you feel the fresh air of the mountain entering your lungs. There is no doubt that every effort you do will worth it.

  3. Estanyó Lake (Ordino): Although this route is cataloged with medium difficulty, the truth is that is one of the most delighted routes. When you walk through its parks you will see horses, donkeys, and cows grazing calmly and enjoying the air. What’s more, in the middle of the route you will find a zone full of medicinal plants.

    Once you arrived at the lake, you only have one more thing to do: sit down on the grass, feel the pleasant mountain breeze on your skin and enjoy the exclusive views.

Mountain Routes for expert hikers

These excursions are only suitable for people who are not afraid of heights, as in some points in the path we’ll find with high slopes. On the other hand, if you want to take a limitless adventure, you should be physically well prepared, as the mountain will dare you on some occasions. What do you say? Are you going to do it?

  1. Montmalús Peak and Colells Cirque (Grau Roig): Grau Roig zone is one of the most spectacular in Andorra, surrounded by the Colells cirques, snowed all winter. During the hiking, you will discover real vertical walls of granitic rock that will make you breathless. But these slopes are compensated when you pass through wide lakes that in the past were glaciers.

    After an intensive hiking day, there is the best way to relax and rest in a hotel with a spa in first class? If you stay in Hotel Grau Roig, you can enjoy an exclusive lodgment with elegant restaurants where taste typical Andorran dishes and gain energy for the next day.

  2.  Carroi Peak (La Massana – Andorra la Vella): Although it doesn’t have very complicated points the slopes are tough and constant so that’s why you will need to be in good shape to get through the top without any distress. Once you are on the top, you will see how many TV antennas are installed and a breathless view of the capital.
  3. Casamanya Peak (Ordino): It is very normal that its 2.740 meters can surprise you at first sight. But you have to do this route anyway if you want to enjoy good views and an exceptional track. All its nature will be green, and you will smell its fresh grass which makes even more pleasant your way.

    You only have to imagine, seeing you surrounded by kilometers of mountains without civilization. What a pleasure, isn’t it? Any of these hiking routes through Andorra will bring you a perfect occasion to disconnect of your daily life and feel the nature in its maximal potential.So, tell me, when are you going to do the first one?

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