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The Incles Valley: The Paradise Available to Everyone

Andorra is a place that surprises every traveler for its natural beauty and its landscapes

24 September 2019
From amazing snowy mountains where you can glide with your skis, until huge and deep lakes with crystalline waters. The Incles Valley is one of the spots I like the most. It is one of my best recommendations if you want to escape from the mundane noise and be surrounded by its flora and fauna.

Do you want to discover all Incles Valley can offer to you? Wells, so keep on reading as I explain you in detail. 

A unique place

The Incles Valley is one of the great unknowns. It is not one of the most visited zones in Andorra but for sure one of the most beautiful. Its “U” shape reminds us of its glacial origin and takes us to centuries of natural history.

It is located 10 minutes by car for Hotel Grau Roig, between the villages of El Tarter and Canillo. It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy both thinks you love: the luxury of our exclusive hotel and nature in its purest state. After the route through the most spectacular corners of Incles Valley, get relaxed after an intensive day in our Spa. Could it exist a better plan?

But although you like the hotel very much, we know that you have come to Andorra to enjoy all its nature. So, let’s keep talking about this wonderful place.

The Incles Valley is perfect for hiking either alone or with company. Its low difficulty makes it pretty accessible for every kind of profiles ,more or less experienced. The itineraries are perfectly indicated which let you discover them from its beginning to its end. It has a route of 2,6 km which you can do easily in one single morning. I recommend you taking the route with calm, enjoying every step you take, every rock, every tree… Listen to the sound of nature and all that it offers us.

It is always a good time to visit it

The Incles Valley gives us an incredible landscape in spring. As the good weather approaches, it wakes up little by little and we can appreciate the most intense green color in its trees.

If, on the contrary, you prefer to come in autumn, you will find a route full of contrast along its way. In winter although you can get access to many walking areas, many roads are cut to preserve its huge beauty during snowfall. But without a doubt, the view offered with its white blanket of snow is absolutely breathless. 

You can have a special visit in the electric train from June to September. It goes through the valley from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm. It is an original way to know it without missing any detail. If you prefer, you can get your tickets in the same information booth placed in the access parking.

Discover the most savage fauna in its natural habitat

What is the best way to enjoy of the fauna of a place than seeing its animals in their own home? That is how you can see the raptors flying all over the valley, such as common vulture, the bearded vulture or the golden eagle. If we look a little lower, we can observe birds such as the goldfinch or the firecrest. There is no doubt that it is an incredible show that will amaze you.

Around water areas like lakes and rivers you can see tritons, marmots and even the famous red frog.In addition, is very common finding squirrels and roe deer (one of the most common species of the Pyrinees) during your route.

If you are a lover of the nature and you love to observe animals in full freedom, this will be a magical excursion in every single way.

And if you prefer to see the most incredible vegetal species…

… now you know where to go. You won’t want to close your eyes or even blink just to not lose any detail of your wonderful way. So here it goes another advice: do this route without any rush to enjoy every moment and stare every single wonderful detail of Incles Valley.

Its ecosystem stands out for its black pine and fir forests where you can also find flowers such as narcissus (national flower of the Principality), irises, gentians, broom and rhododendrum (hidden among the bushes).

Discover its secret.

Incles Valley has something else to show us. You can access to other zones of the mountain from the valley with more emblematic itineraries and unique charm. You can visit Cabana Sorda Lake, Juclà Lake or even Siscaró Lake. As you can see, this beautiful valley will surprise you in every step. And everytime that nature gives us such wonderful landscapes, our duty is enjoying them the most. Do you agree?

Traveling always well prepared.

Probably I have already repeated it in another of my articles, but I think it is very important to say again how important is to talk about our safety in the mountain. If you are thinking to take a route, whether alone or accompanied, it is essential that you go perfectly equipped: a comfortable footwear, warm clothes, water… But one of the most useful things than you can need (hopefully not) is Alpify, an app which in case of emergency allows rescue teams to find you exact location.

Now that you know all the beauties that Incles Valley offers to us, I will whisper you one of my favorites moments everytime I go there: in the middle of the track, I love to take a break, lay on the wet grass, close my eyes and listen to the nature sound. You can feel it too, can’t you? So, don’t wait anymore and book now your night in Hotel Grau Roig, only 10 minutes by car from Incles Valley, and live an unforgettable experience.

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