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Pessons Lake:A Dream You Won’t Wake Up From

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24 September 2019
that seem the same ceiling, this is your article. If you want to explore the most beautiful and savage routes of Andorra, you can’t miss this incredible place, Pessons Lake (Llac de Pessons).

Discover the hearts’ beauty of Andorra

Are you an adventurous person and with a huge passion for knowing new places? Do you like to enjoy nature in its purest state and sometimes scape of the busy life in the city? So, this is my best recommendation: a getaway by Pessons’ Lake and Cirque, a unique place where you can get lost through the light breeze of the mountain and the smell of wet grass beside the shore’s lake.

The itinerary starts in Grandvalira ski resort, in Grau Roig, right in the Cubil parking, beside Encamp’s church. If you come by car, you can leave it in the same Grau Roig parking, too.

The total distance of the track is 11 km and its highest high achieved is 2.606 meters,with a total slope of 530 meters. Although the most expert hikers use to do it in less than 4 hours, the truth is that this route adapts to every profile of people and has different levels of difficulty. It is mainly medium difficulty but, in case you want to avoid some difficult zone, don’t worry because you have other alternatives to make it easier.

As you can see it there are no excuses to enjoy such beautiful views in a unique place. Also, the zone is very well communicated, starting in Grau Roig parking and near Bordes village in Envalira.

An exclusive place deserves an excellent lodging 

If you want to spend an incredible few days, not only for Pessons Lake route but for you lodging too, we recommend you spending tour night in Hotel Grau Roig.The natural luxury and elegance of the location are reflected in an amazing hotel.

You can rest the night before in our exclusive suitesand charge energy for living intensively the route the next day. Once when you come back, relax your body and mind with a spa and massage session in the hotel. You have won it; now it is your moment and you have to enjoy it as you deserve.

Once you have chosen your hotel and route, let the adventure starts!

Bag, water, mountain boots, sun protection… it seems that you have it all, doesn’t it? So, let’s start our route.

You have two ways options: the first one consists on following the same path for going and coming back, it is used to be shorter than doing the whole track; the second one consists on doing the whole round trip, climbing the Pessons Lake and going down through La Solana Lakes. Without any doubt, my recommendation is the second option because the views are amazing and for sure they will leave you breathless. Although I can understand that the difficulty grade is not the easiest one, that’s why the first option is able for every kind of hiker and its stops through the way are also stunning. 

Along the rise of GR7 (the red and white marks drew on trees and rocks) the route is very easy. Once you have arrived at the top and after enjoyed of the natural paradise, you’ll find in front of you, the descent time has arrived. You can take the variation of La Solana Lakes, once you arrive at Les Fonts Lakes, you have to divert in N direction. This last section can be some more difficult so, be careful and take it easy.

When is the perfect time to visit Pessons Lake?

You’ll be very lucky if you are a nature lover because any time of the year is perfect to do this magical track. From spring to autumn, you’ll find a green and bright landscape, with lakes full of crystal-clear water.

Nevertheless, if you go in winter, you have to do the route with snowshoes. It would be more intense by the difficulty of walking on the snow, but the experience, I can assure you that it will be incredible. You should better inform of avalanche risk. There’s no need of happening anything but always is better be prepared and the most important thing you should do this route with a group.

Enjoy the way

Discover along the whole track of the different lakes which form the Pessons cirque and let you impress in every step by its lush nature. We invite you to stop at different points along the track to observe near the Montmalús, Ensagents, Ribuls tops and Pessons’ peak.

A good recommendation is going down until Grau Roig through the La Solana Lakes valley, it isn’t one of the most known routes, but is one of the slopes with more enchanting. So, if you are an adventurer who loves discovering new paths, this will be your best option.

My best recommendation: an app exclusive for hikers

Although nothing should happen is always to be well prepared. You have to be foresighted and well prepared just in case. We can get lost along the way or get darker. Before starting your new adventure, I suggest you download the Alpify application. This app will let you send your exact location to the rescue team in case of an emergency. As it is working by GPS there is no need for data on your mobile, you can use it although you don’t have signal. 

And now that you already have all the information needed to enjoy one of the most complete and beautiful routes in Grau Roig, when are we going to see you here with all your mountain equipment ready to start one of the most incredible adventures in your life? We are waiting for you!

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