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Madriu Valley: Infinity Nature

If we have learnt something along all these years going all over the Andorra’s trails

24 September 2019
is that nature never stops surprising me. Beside you think you have seen everything, one day you notice that you can still be amazed with only a breaking dawn surrounded by valleys, mountains and lakes.

This is what the Madriu Valley makes you feel, one the toughest route in Andorra, but one of the most satisfying.

Madriu Valley – Perafita – Claror Itinerary

This amazing valley was declared World Heritage Cultural Landscape by the Unesco in 2004. Thanks to its beauty, fauna, flora and all its set.

The valley has an extension of the 10% of the country, its length is about 12 km from each point and a slope of 1.855 meters. This turns that valley into a route with a medium-high difficulty level if you have in mind doing the whole track. If you prefer, you can divide the track doing it even in 5 days, depending on which way you want to take.

But you are lucky, as this route connects with Grau Roig zone, so if you stay in our hotel, you will have an easy access to this path.You can do a part of the route every day and return to the hotel to rest as you deserve. Furthermore, you can recover with an exclusive massage in the Spa and relaxed in a room of your level.

Discover Madriu Valley in summer

During all summer time guided themed excursions are organized (eco-touristic routes). In addition, you will be able to realize many other activities, such as horse riding routes, hiking, visiting the most emblematic viewpoints (as the one in Les Fonts path in Engolasters)…There is no doubt that is a great option if what you need is forget about everything for a few days and breathe the pureness of the mountain air.

Summer brings us such stunning landscapes in Madriu Valley that, once you start the route, you will never want it to end. Its intensive green, its transparent waters and the birds’ sound flying above the trees, will take you to a place called “paradise”.

The most savage and beautiful fauna

I’m sure that you love animals that live in this beautiful location, especially watching them enjoy their freedom. Here you can find chamois, roe deer, mouflon, wild boar, fox, marmot, pine marten and squirrels. All of them running free without rushes, nor worries… don’t you envy them? I wish I could be a roe deer for a few days and don’t have to suffer jams in the car during your journey to work or the never-ending meetings with clients.

If, by any chance, you are scared of these animals, my advice is very clear: leave them alone. If you think it well, this is their home. So, don’t disturb them and they won’t disturb you.

A route that won’t leave you indifferent

In Madriu Valley – Perafita – Claror you can choose among different tracks, depending on your abilities in the mountain and the time you dispose.

The route I recommend you starts in Esclades – Engordany church, located 30 meters from the crossing of Cornella and La Plana road. A few minutes after starting the path, you will arrive to Les Bordes d’Entremesaigües. And if you continue this way, soon you’ll reach Les Bordes de Ràmio.

Walking beside Madriu river edges, in order not to get lost, you’ll notice the ascent of the mountain. Once reached the Fontverd Shelter, you’ll have to continue until the Riu Dels Orris Shelter. A little higher, the amazing Bova’s Lake comes into view.

Once you arrived there, I recommend you have a break. Breathe, drink some water to get hydrated, sit down for a couple of minutes, and enjoy the show of colors and sounds that nature gives you. Feel the mountain air touching your face and smell that fantastic scent of fresh grass.

Discover the shelters along the way

Admit it, your passion for living this adventure is getting higher and higher, isn’t it? I can perfectly understand you. For the first time I got along Madriu Valley I lived sensations impossible to describe.

One of the things that fascinate me the most of these routes is the numerous shelters we can find in our way. They are shepherds’ shelters that have been preserved almost in the same state they were built, respecting their architecture and original charm.

This is a stop you must see, although it is just for having some rest and gaining forces to continue your trip.

Safety first

This kind of itineraries usually gets the attention of the most adventurous travelers due to its complexity and being one of the most complete routes in the zone. Before starting them, we have to make sure that we assume some safety measures. Use a good specific mountain footwear which let you arrive further and beat the slopes you’ll find. You have to think too about supplies of both food and drink,the key is a good hydration.

Another of my recommendations and many other experts is that if the route that you want to follow is above 1.700 meters, you should take it from June to September. And if you prefer taking it in winter you should do it with snowshoes accompanied with a group or a guide specialized in this zone.

I can imagine that as you have been reading this article you have already have you bag prepared; you have asked for a few days off your company and booked in Hotel Grau Roig. It’s normal, as every time I talk about the routes that Andorra offers us, I get really excited. So, now it’s your turn to enjoy some days surrounded by nature and stay in one of the most emblematic hotels in the zone. We’re waiting for you!

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