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Buy Tobacco in Andorra at the Best Price

Surely this situation sounds familiar to you: A friend spends a few days in Andorra...

24 September 2019
doing mountain sports and enjoying all the nature that its landscape offers. On his return, he tells you that he had a great time and that he has brought some tobacco to Spain for some friends who have asked him.

Then you ask him: “Why did you buy tobacco in Andorra?” And he answers: “For the price difference. In Andorra, you can find all the tobacco brands you that want at incredible prices”.

Why is it Cheaper to Buy Tobacco in Andorra?

Some years ago, returning from Andorra with tobacco for the whole group of friends was a very common situation. Today, although the truth is that there is still a difference between the prices of Spain and those of the Principality, it is not so common, although it is still being done.

It is cheaper for a tax issue. In Andorra there is no general IVA of 21% that is applied in Spain, so each pack can get you up to 1 euro cheaper.

But you must be careful with the amount you buy because you cannot go through customs with all the cartons you want. The Andorran law dictates that only one and a half carton of tobacco can be carried per person.

Where to Buy Tobacco?

In Andorra there are different types of establishments where you can buy tobacco, so you don’t need to have a tobacconist to buy this product.

1- Smoker’s Boutiques:

They are very similar to the tobacconists as we know them, but with more variety of products (if it is possible). They have cigarettes, cigars, rolling tobacco, other items for smokers … Also, in these places, they have the best climatic conditions for the care and conservation of tobacco, as they have the ideal temperature to keep the product in perfect condition. If you are looking for a very specific and unusual tobacco brand, without any doubt, a boutique will be your best choice.

2- Supermarkets, Bazaars and Petrol Stations:

Yes, you can buy tobacco in a supermarket, although in Spain it is impossible and it may seem weird, in Andorra it is regulated differently. Thus, it is possible to go shopping for the week and also take home a packet of your favorite tobacco without going through a tobacconist. 

In these establishments, they usually have the most common tobacco brands on the market. Besides, its price is even lower than in the boutiques, so if you are one of those who prefer well-known brands, it will be easier and cheaper to buy them in any bazaar.

And the packs rarely come alone, since they usually have special offers in which, with the purchase of carton, you take a gift (a lighter, a shirt, a cap of the brand …).

The quality of the product in these establishments is not as good as in a boutique since the environmental conditions are not as optimal as those of a specialized store. However, it is better to go to a supermarket to buy tobacco if you are a regular smoker as the price difference ends up being noticed.

Are There Electronic Cigarette Shops and Other Vaping Products in Andorra?

The answer is yes. A few years ago until now, the vaper community has been growing by leaps and bounds, more and more smokers are switching to electronic cigarettes or vaping. Andorra wasn’t wanted to be left behind in this market and also markets high-quality products and the best brands are found here.

Above all, you can go to specialized vaping stores where you will find everything you want, from cigarettes, resistances, batteries, liquids… And, like the usual tobacco, at a cheaper price than in Spain.

What Are the Best-Known Tobacco Shops in Andorra?

Celler del Pirineu: We find it on Doctor Nequi Street, 5, in the center of Andorra la Vella. It is one of the most gourmet stores that we will find in the Principality. It has not only tobacco and smoking products but also you can find the best wines (Designation of Origin of Andorra), spirits, sparkling wines … Perfect if you are a sybarite. 

La Casa dels Tabacs: It is located in Escaldes-Engordany, on Carlemany Avenue, the main shopping street. In it, you can buy not only tobacco but all related products with it (filters, paper, pipes, cigars …). 

Alfa Duty-Free Tobacco: You will find it in the center of Andorra la Vella. It is specialized in tobacco and alcoholic drinks and its prices are unbeatable.

Glob Tabacs i Licors: This specialty tobacco and liquor store is located in one of the most central zones of Andorra la Vella, on a street parallel to the famous Meritxell Avenue. In it, you can find top quality products at very succulent prices and you can buy both commercial brands and some not so well known. On many occasions, it has offers for the purchase of 2 or 3 cartons, which makes it even more attractive its price.

LL-2: It’s a strange combination that we find in this store because it sells cigarettes and plants. However, it doesn’t matter which brand you are looking for, they’ll have it, and at an incredible price. It is located on Pere D’Urg street, in Andorra la Vella. Without a doubt, it is a curious place to stop.

Comerç Espanya: On Rocafort Avenue, in Sant Julià de Lòria we find one of the most emblematic stores selling products for smokers. In it, you can get the best-known tobacco brands and enjoy incredible discounts. Also, like the previous store (LL-2), it is known for its offer of indoor aromatic plants. 

As you can see, Andorra has incredible prices on various products. Although one of the best known by all is tobacco, you can also buy cologne, clothing, footwear, and cosmetic products at tempting prices. So, make the most of your getaway to Andorra and enjoy all the outdoor activities that it offers, but also return home with your favorite purchases.

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