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29 things to do in Andorra

When we think about visiting Andorra, the first thing that comes to mind is “go skiing”

24 September 2019
Well, today I am going to tell you 29 things to do in Andorra, although I could tell you about 40 or even 50, and that will make you see that with a couple of days it is impossible to know a country that makes you falls in love from the first minute.

1- Visit some of its 44 Romanesque churches, such as the church of Sant Climent, in Pal, or the church of Sant Romà, in Les Bons. They have a unique charm.

2- Be a child again for a day throwing yourself on the Tobotronc, the longest alpine slide in the world (5 km of length). And if adrenaline allows it, you can enjoy Naturlandia the rest of the day.

3- Demonstrate your driving skills driving a kart on ice. Which, by the way, is more difficult than it seems.

4- Go hiking in the snowy mountains in a caterpillar vehicle. Feel your heart racing up and down the snow dunes.

5- Eat a delicious trinxat in one of its more than twenty bordas, traditional mountain houses that have now become magnificent restaurants. 

6- Discover the history of Andorra and its contrast by visiting traditional houses converted into museums, such as the Casa d’Areny-Plandolit (stately style) and the Casa Rull(peasant and humble style).

7- Go shopping in Andorra la Vella and go crazy with the tax-free prices in many of its products. 

8- Visit the most beautiful and green villages you can imagine, such as Pal, Bixessarri or Ordino. I recommend you make a route by car and visit several of them the same day.

9- Do some favors to your friends and family by bringing tobacco to everyone. But watch out by the amounts, which are very peaceful at the border, but you can drop a fine if you go over units. Remember, you can only pass 1 and a half cartons of cigarettes per person. 

10- Visit Júlia Perfumeries and return to Spain with perfumes for the whole family.

11- Discover that one of the most charming Romanesque villages in Andorra has a cookie name: Fontaneda.

12- Return to Spain and cross one of the most peaceful borders in the world very nervous. Keep calm, if you do not carry more tobacco or alcohol than allowed, nothing has to happen.

13- Spend the morning touring the tobacco fields of Sant Julià de Lòria and get to know in-depth what was the main industry of Andorra last century.

14- Include the Margineda bridge in your hiking trail, the largest medieval bridge that is preserved in the principality of Andorra. It is one of those stops that cannot be missed.

15- Forget your name and who you are thanks to the super relaxing hot springs of the Caldea spa. One tip: try the outdoor air pool in the middle of winter, you will bathe in water at more than 30º even if you are less than 10º.

16- Surf with your snowboard or your skies the incredible tracks of Grandvalira. And, in the middle of the morning, sunbathe on the terraces of the station with a cold beer in your hand.

17- Be amazed by the vertiginous views that Andorra offers us in from its via ferrata.

18- Discover that Andorran people are good creating beer, either tasting their own at some of the bars or tasting Alpha beer, from La Cortinada.

19- Descend by canoe the Rio Valira del Nord. Only suitable for brave or expert canoeists. Many of his rapids are named like this for something …

20- Skiing at Vallnord station. Andorra has amazing mountains to ski in addition to GrandValira, in case you didn’t know.

21- Conquer the peak of Comapedrosa, the highest in Andorra and hallucinate with the views from the top of the mountain.

22- Feel in Siberia for a day and enjoy like a child doing an excursion in a dog sled. These adorable animals can be incredibly fast.

23- Succumb to the endless shops of Meritxell Avenue, it is one of the best things to do in Andorra la Vella. But beware of going shopping, or what you will have to buy will be an extra suitcase to put everything in.

25- Feel at peace with yourself thanks to the tranquility and good vibes transmitted by lakes, such as El Tarter or Llac dels Pessons. Its crystal-clear waters and the smell of wet grass will make you feel in paradise.

26- Discover that Andorra is one of the most amazing natural destinations to visit in winter, but also in summer, riding a horse along the Iron Route, one of the best places to visit in Ordino.

27- Climb in the Funicamp cable car, whose 6 kilometers in length connect Encamp and Grau Roig. Do not miss the incredible views of the peaks of Andorra during the climb.

28- Work leg on the hiking route through the Parc del Sorteny or the Parc de Madriu-Pedrafita-Claror (which name is almost as long as its extension).

29- Spend the whole trip back to Spain thinking about buying an apartment in Andorra and fantasize about your next vacation there, and even your retirement.

As I said at the beginning, I leave many things to tell you and many recommendations on things to visit in Andorra, which is, without a doubt, a natural enclave that leaves more than one speechless.

So, if you want to discover all the charm of this amazing country and what to visit in Andorra and its surroundings, there it goes my best advice: Don’t think twice, turn off the computer, pack your bags and come here. We are waiting for you!

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